A licence issued under the IHR specifies the activities that are permitted by that licence, subject to the requirements of the IHR and to specific exclusions (see “What activities are not permitted under the IHR?”). These activities could include:

    Import or export of industrial hemp. Note that in addition to the licence, importers and exporters need a permit for each shipment of hemp that they import or export. Other customs documentation may be required;
    Production of industrial hemp;
    Sale or provision of industrial hemp.
    A person who holds a licence is also permitted to engage in additional activities – possess, transport, send, deliver, and (if the licence permits sale or provision) offer to sell or to provide – with industrial hemp, to the extent necessary to conduct a licensed activity.

    A person who does not hold a licence may possess, transport, send or deliver industrial hemp, or offer to do so, if they hold the appropriate authorization issued under the IHR.