Kelly winter with chickie

About Me

Hello, I am a full time farmer and spend my time looking after the animals, livestock, grains, pasture, hemp, and maintenance of equipment. My focus is to grow,  cut, and finish focusing on projects that are carbon friendly, sustainable and great or people, future generations, and the environment.


Raised from a long line of farmers since 1846, I have over 40 years direct experience working for construction projects and spend my time full-time farming. Seed, grow, cut, and bale assorted of crops from grain, oats, hemp and more.

Over 30 years experience raising angus/beef cattle cow and calf producers.

Grow farm fresh vegatables tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers.


Agriculture 100%
Crops and Grains 100%
Construction 90%
Beef and Cattle 85%
Horticulture 80%

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